BDSM Play Partner Check List

   (Adapted from the Submissive Submissive Play Partner Check List by Tammad Rimilia (RIP) )

   This checklist should be filled out and provided to a partner
   before playing with them. This will provide a quick
   "head-start" to identifying limits, negotiating and finding common
   ground for play. Dominants may wish to work through the checklist, to
   get a better handle on their specific interests. Switches should go
   through the checklist twice; one persons Dom and Sub interests may be
   very different.

   For each item, you need to provide two answers:
     * For experience, write YES or NO next to each item to indicate if
       you have ever DONE that activity. Mark N/A if it does not apply to
       your gender.  (Defaults to no experience.)
     * For Top / Bottom, check which side you prefer to be on (if at
       all, or want to be on, if no experience with it) for that particular
       activity.  So, for instance, if you like recieving anal sex, that'd
       be 'Bottom' even if you are on top when doing it.  If you want to
       express both sides of it, use the checkboxes for one side, and use
       the "Note" section to express the other side (if you want to, of
       course)  You could also skip this entirely and fill the form out
       two different times, and store one as
       Dominant/Top/Master/Supreme Asshole and the other as
       Submissive/Bottom/Slave/Enabler or whatever you think fits how you
       want to label yourself.
     * For willingness, indicate for each item how you feel about DOING
       that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 0 to 5.
          + NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a
            hard limit).
          + 0 (zero) indicates you have utterly no desire to do that
            activity and don't like doing it (in fact, may loath it) and
            would ordinarily object to doing it, but you would permit the
            Dominant to do it if it they really wanted it. (sometimes
            called a "soft limit").
          + 1 means you don't want to do or like to do this activity, but
            wouldn't object if it was asked of you.
          + 2 means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no
            special appeal for you.
          + 3 means you usually like doing this activity, at least on an
            irregular/ occasional basis.
          + 4 means you like doing this activity, and would like to
            experience it on a regular basis.
          + 5 means the activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would
            like it as often as possible.
     * Note any additional information or nuances which might be
       important for your Dom to know in the margin to the right. For
       example under diapers you might wish to distinguish between
       "wetting" and "soiling".

   This form is not recorded anywhere except where you save it.  The code
   that processes the form is at the bottom of this page so you can verify
   that it does no storage.  I'm not sure of a good way to prove that the
   script below is the same one that processes the form.  I'm using a SSI
   to include the CGI, it's all in the same directory.  Oh hell, you'll
   just have to trust me.

   In order to share the information you provide and process with this
   form, use the 'Save' feature on your browser once you've gotten
   your results, and save it as a local file.   You should then be
   able to post it on your own web page (if you desire), or send it
   in email.

   If you have any suggestions on improvements or items to add or remove,
   feel free to email me (luwenth at


So with that in mind,

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