Networked Society for the
Creative Undermining of Morals

Who are we?

Just the gutter-centered mind of one person, who likes to poke fun at the world.There is nothing serious here, nothing that you should do anything other than shake your head and laugh. Or write to us and tell us how you hate us or something. Not that I've done anything memorable at all, and probably never will.

We sponsored a small contest, and no one came so it's still going on

The prize, we use you! Err, we use your work, that's it. Design a logo, send me email and let me know where to find your submission (hehee, he said 'submission') and I'll put a link to it here, and let other's tell me which one's the best.

Good Lick!


Defined: slang. One, such as a person or an element of society, that is regarded as despicable or worthless.

Yeah! Let's here it for us!

Pervert the Dominant Paradigm!

NetScum Links!

That's right, I've decided to add a section of links. I like people who think for themselves, no matter what the opposition to those thoughts are. Companies and groups that have strode into the face of adversity and realized it is absurdity and laughed at it are should be recognized, should be promoted, and should be visited. With that in mind, I'd like to start with the following few links:

Random Ideas (some stolen from elsewhere)

More NetScum links:
Looking for like-minded scum for relationships?